Smileycons 6.0.1 Tutorials - Creating Snippets
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Did you ever see those email signatures at the bottom of people's email that were some sort of witty saying or famous quote?

Snippets make it easy to create and insert witty quotes or text signatures in your email anytime you want. And you can make as many snippets as you want. You can use plain text, or if you know a little HTML coding you can use HTML to dress up your quote with underlines, colors, bold fonts, etc.

It only takes a couple seconds to create a snippet.

1. Right click in an empty area of any group in any pack or create your own new group in your own collection (see "Creating Packs") and choose "New" ---->"Snippet".

See? The "Snippet" dialog appears. First you must give it a title. And, remember, to name it something that you'll recognize a week or two from now. Then type in your text or HTML code.

We made a text snippet for dear, old, George. See? We called its title "Washington" so we'll know what it is a few weeks from now when we have lots more signatures and snippets. Now if we want to sign our email messages with "Best Regards, George Washington..." all we have to do is drag or drop (or point and click) our "Washington" snippet from Smileycons into our email.

Since snippets are not images, you can use them in your blog posts, web message boards, Web mail, web pages, etc.

Here's what our snippet looks like when we dragged it from Smileycons to this web page:


George Washington
President Of The United States

We could have dragged this into an email, a message board post, a blog post, or any web-based email just as easily.

We made another one too...want to see? We called this snippet "Time". If we want to be witty at the end of any email, we can just drag this from Smileycons into our email. It takes only a second, and it's quite witty, don't you think? Oh, by the way, we used HTML to create this signature. It's what makes the text navy blue, in italics and bold :)

Time flies like the wind, but fruit flies like bananas.

We're sure you'll think of many ways to use the Snippets feature of you Smileycons program. Just remember that Snippets requires a registered version of Smileycons. To learn about the differences between the free version of Smileycons and the registered version, please click here.

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