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This Page Was Updated On Monday February 04, 2008

Smileycons Version 5.0
Release Date 3/21/2006
Make sure you have the latest version!

Welcome to the Smileycons 5.0 Download Page. This page will always link to the most recent released version of Smileycons. The most recent version is 5.0. This version was released on March 21, 2006 and represents a major upgrade over previous versions. Before you download this new version of Smileycons we want you to know we've worked hard to make this the very best Smileycons ever! Smileycons was rewritten from the ground up to make it the best program of its kind on the 'Net!

Here is the new feature list for Smileycons 5.0

  • Automatically Configure Many Popular Email Programs

  • Automatically Configure Web Mail and Web Message Boards

  • New Emotions Pack included with installation

  • Free Alphabet Pack included with installation

  • Also installs "Bonus", "Default" and "Cloudies" pack. More free packs available by clicking here

OK, are you ready to upgrade? All registered users get a free upgrade to version 5.0

Before you download make sure you read the following information carefully:

  • Exit Smileycons by clicking "File" on the Smileycons Toolbar then "Exit"
    (You must exit Smileycons or you will not be able to upgrade)

  • Do not uninstall your current Smileycons. If you do you'll need to re-register the program. Just install Smileycons 5.0 over your current installation.

  • ALL downloadable Smileycons programs are "TRIAL VERSIONS". If you own a registered version you may install this "Trial Version" over your existing registered version. The trial version is converted to a FULL REGISTERED VERSION when you install it over a registered version or you register the Trial Version with the registration key we supply when you order the product. Expansion packs do not require registration ever but they only work in fully registered Smileycons programs.

  • If you purchased your Smileycons on or after March 21, 2006 you do not need to upgrade, you already have the latest version.

  • To see the expansion packs we have available for registered users visit . We have some great new packs coming soon. You won't want to miss these! REMEMBER: Expansion Packs work only in the Registered Version of Smileycons. For an even better deal, get all past and future expansion packs free, click here to learn how.

  • If you receive a Windows error message (click here to see a picture) click Ignore; the file installation will proceed normally.

If you have read and understand the above items,
then click here to download Smileycons 5.0

Important: If you purchased a full versioned CDROM, Click here for special instructions if you need to re-register your update.

Click here to join our FREE Newsletter for Smileycons! Click here to find out all the details about Gold Membership! Click here to log in if you are a Gold Member

As always none of our software contains any adware, spyware, malware or other annoying or harmful content - unlike the free smiley programs you might have seen.

We hope you enjoy all the great new features in Smileycons 5.0 . Thank you for using Cloudeight Smileycons!

Smileycons is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP  and Windows XP SP2 running at least 64Mb of RAM. Smileycons is copyright ©2004-2006 by Cloudeight Internet LLC (all rights reserved). Smileycons® is a trademark of Cloudeight Internet LLC.