Smileycons 6.0.1 Tutorials - Setting Up Windows Mail Correctly
This tutorial applies to Windows Mail on Windows Vista.

By default, Windows Mail comes with many of its multi-media functions turned-off. If you don't reset these options, you won't be able to send images, receive images, see in-line image in e-mail, send or see stationery, sent video clips or see video clips. In other words you won't have the functionality you had when you were using Outlook Express on Windows XP.

Don't worry, because Windows Mail has the same features as Outlook Express and you can send and see images, video clips, stationery, Smileycons and more in Windows Mail just like you did in Outlook Express. All you need to do is change two settings. And it's easy to do.

Follow the simple steps below to reset Windows Mail to unlock all the multi-media functions you enjoyed with Outlook Express in previous versions of Windows

  1. Open Windows Mail. Click "Tools" then "Options" on the toolbar (at the top)

  2. Click the Security tab (See image below)

  3. In the Security Dialog Window, select "Internet Zone" as show in the image below then uncheck "Block images and other HTML content in e-mail" (see image below)

  4. Click APPLY then OK

  5. Close and then restart Windows Mail

Now you should be able use Smileycons, send and receive images, send and receive stationery, send and view video clips and use all the multi-media functions that come with Windows Mail.

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