How to Use Smileycons - Quick Start - Only Two Steps!

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With most email programs,  if you have Smileycons configured correctly, you can choose between Drag and Drop and Point and Click to insert images into your email. The same is true of most message boards, Web mail, and blogs.

We suggest you use Drag and Drop as it works in almost all email programs and Web applications.

Drag and dropping Smileycons images into your email, web message board posts, web-based email, and blogs is really simple.

The following instructions apply to email messages, but the same basic instructions apply no matter where you use Smileycons.

1. Start by composing an email as you normally would

2. Open the Smileycons program and position Smileycons in a convenient location next to your Email window.

3. When you want to insert an image into your message, place your cursor over the image you want to insert, press your left mouse button, and continue to hold it down as you slide the image from Smileycons into your email message. When you have the image over the spot in your email message where you want to insert it, "drop" the image into your message by releasing the mouse button. It's as simple as that!

See the picture below for additional help. For a better view, click here or on the picture below.



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