Cloudeight Smileycons Full Privacy Policy

We hope you read this, because it's not the usual legal mumbo-jumbo.

A word about ads which appear on this Web site

The only advertising you'll see is what you see on our web site. The program contains no advertising for any third-party products. The free version will remind you that there are benefits to registering from time to time; .you can either choose to register or not. It's up to you. The program will continue to provide you with great features even if you don't register it.

The ads which appear on this site help us pay the cost of operating this site, like bandwidth charges and hosting fees. The ads which we display on this site are clearly labeled. For instance "Ads by Google". It is important to us that you know that we do not control the content of the ads which third-parties companies display on our site. We do try to filter out any known badware, but we cannot possibly know or filter them all. We want you to be aware that these ads, which are labeled as ads, will appear on our site, but we don't control the content of these ads. These ads are confined to our web site and our web server and in no circumstances do they or will they ever appear in Smileycons or any of our other programs.

Occasionally you may see an ad labeled "Cloudeight Endorsed Product". If you see this sort of ad, you can be sure we are responsible for the content and we endorse and use the product being advertised.

We don't and won't use tricks to get you to install Smileycons

First: We respect you. We respect your private property (your computer and your email address). We don't gather ANY information from your computer and we don't and won't share your email address with anyone if you choose to sign up to receive our Smileycons' newsletter.

Regardless of whether you chose the free version or the registered version of Smileycons, you can be confident that it is not spyware, adware or malware. Smileycons does not hijack your web searches; it doesn't track you; it doesn't gather any kind of information from you either personal or non personal, it doesn't send any information about you anywhere; it does not hijack your home page or hijack your search results. It does not manipulate your web searches or inject advertising into your search results. It does exactly what you expect it to do: Make it easy for you to add fun animations, images, and smileys to your emails, blogs, forum posts, MSN/Windows Live Messenger chats, and Web-mail messages.

When you install Smileycons, you won't get a dozen other so-called "useful" programs. You get one. You get Smileycons. Smileycons is not a software bundle like many so-called "free" smiley programs.

We don't play games with definitions. We give it to you straight. There are no other major free "smiley" programs that aren't spyware/adware/malware/hijackers. Yes. We know they tell you over and over they contain "no adware" "no spyware". Want to know how they get away with it? For them, bending the truth is easy. As of right now, there isn't any one single definition of these terms that everyone agrees on. And they'll use that against you. They use the lack of an accepted definition of spyware and adware to their advantage and to your disadvantage. By making up their own definition of adware and spyware, they can say make any claim they want. That is sort of like changing the rules of a game so you can win. They love to play games with words and they love to play games with you and your computer. They make tons of money playing this game. It's all about money.

They give spyware, adware, etc, ridiculous, narrow definitions (ones that no anti-spyware, anti-adware expert would agree with) and then say, they are not adware or spyware. But the facts are, that almost all other "free smiley programs" are removed by all or most major anti-spyware programs: programs like "Spyware Doctor", "SpySweeper", Spybot Search and Destroy, and more.

There is one question none of these "free" smiley companies will answer - and that is: "Exactly how do you make money with your program?" The won't answer that question because they'd have to tell you the truth. They don't like the truth - it might prevent you from installing their programs on your computer. And keep them from making money from your computer. Here's how we support the free program: We're hoping you like the free program enough to register it and purchase a registration key for a small price. If you like us and the program, then we'll be happy. If you just want the free version and nothing more, accept it as our gift. We don't make a penny from the free version.

Most all major smiley programs are produced by multi-million dollar companies who use these "free" programs to goad you into installing their software on your computer and then using you and your computer to make more money in various, sometimes sneaky ways. In all cases, spyware, adware, hijackers, and trick-ware, is not good for you or your computer.

We are a small company. We don't make any money from the free version of Smileycons. Our hope is that you like the free version so much you'll decide to upgrade to the registered version - and perhaps become a gold member. If you do, great. Then the program will generate an income and we'll be able to keep making Smileycons better and better. If you don't upgrade, you're free to use Smileycons as long as you wish. You'll find the free version useful and fun. We hope that you enjoy using it.

A word about us

Cloudeight has stood for the best the internet has to offer for over nine years. Our free email stationery site offers the web's largest and most popular collection of free email stationery. We have been the Web leader for over seven years.

We've helped countless people identify and remove spyware, malware, adware, hijackers etc. thousands of times. We've exposed scams, we've written articles about the dangers of spyware, adware, hijackers, and other software that tricks you into downloading something for nothing which then proceeds to jeopardize your privacy, overload your computer with junk programs, track you wherever you go, hijack your search results, or hijack you home page.

We don't and we won't ever mislead you. When we say no adware and now spyware - we mean exactly that. NO ADWARE. NO SPYWARE. NO TRICKS. NO GAMES. NO BUNDLES. Smileycons offers a free version that is really free. We don't play games. We hope you'll consider supporting us and purchasing the registered version to get all the great features Smileycons has to offer.

In any case, we believe you should be treated with respect and not as a potential "target" for advertisers and software tricks. Whether you choose the free version of Smileycons or upgrade to the registered version our hope is you like Smileycons and that you enjoy using it.

Thank you!
Thundercloud & Eightball
Cloudeight Internet
April 2007



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