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NOTE: 7 day guarantee does not apply to Mail orders due to the expense of refunding via company check, postage, etc. Be sure you try before you buy!

Smileycons Order Form

Mail to:  Cloudeight Internet Smileycons
P.O.  Box 73
Middleville, MI 49333    USA

Please include Money Order in US funds; we will accept personal checks from our US Customers.  Make check or Money Order payable to:  Cloudeight Internet LLC 

Quantity ___       Smileycons Registration Downloadable                                                        $14.95 Each

Quantity ___       Smileycons Plus a One-Year Gold Membership                                            $24.95 Each

Quantity ___       Smileycons CD                        $34.95 Each   + $2.65 shipping

Quantity___        Smileycons USB                      $34.95 Each  + 2.65 shipping

We ask that you please try our free version before ordering by mail as we will not give refunds on mail orders. 

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As soon as your order is received, we will notify you by email and give you the download page link for your order. Please make sure your ISP is not filtering your email and have pre-approved if you are using spam filtering.


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